About Can-Do Tape

Can-Do Tape is a manufacturer and distributor of adhesive tapes and foams. They were in need of a new website with the goal of turning the site into an e-commerce site. They also wanted to increase their lead generation by improving their positioning within search engines. As time went on, a need for multiple projects emerged that included designs for user experience, direction, and training. The various Products and Designs I accomplished was:

  1. Web Design, including UX and SEO
  2. Automated Lead Generation to the Sales Department
  3. UX Workflows
  4. Reports and Budgets
  5. Video Production
  6. Graphic Design

Web Design, including UX and SEO

Can-Do National Tape Home Page

Video Production

~ The company had a challenge in displaying their converting services. They grew from being a tape distributor to acquiring several slitting and die-cutting machines so they could offer specialized services to other businesses. Being that the company’s largest profit is in converting, the goal was to increase it’s converting sales. By providing a video of the converting services on the home page of the website, it gave a better representation of the company’s services.

~ I produced the videos by providing the creative direction, setting a budget, offering scripts, organized deadlines, and communicating with an outside team each step of the way.

Campaign Manager and Designer

~ I created a plan and budget for 6 e-books to be built and launched in one year. Worked with a team of four and discussed the goal and content needed to build around each persona that had been established from internal research.

~ The goal of the e-books would be used to increase lead generation for the sales team.

~ I provided the general content and images for the outsourced content writer and designer.

~ I designed the cover to obtain the consistency of the company’s brand.


~ Budgeted and designed a collection of posters and wall decor to hang throughout the office building by collecting images and logos.

~ Designed three large panels to be used during trade shows and sales presentations.

~The goal of this project was to establish branding and inspiration to the products and services offered.

Tools: Photoshop, Indesign & High res. mac computer.