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12 Years of Optimizing Websites

Providing Organic Search for both Local and National Sites

I purposefully design websites around search engine optimization to provide a better outcome and ROI. Many designers are eager to design a website without doing a full analysis of their client’s website and business objectives. Understanding the client’s objectives and target audience allows for better research on keywords and user-intent. Including search optimization within a new website will allow for better navigation and a clearer understanding of your products and services to search engines and provide a better user experience which helps reduce bounce rates and increases click-through rates.

SEO Consulting Services

Affordable and Effective SEO Services. No Long-Term contracts. No Start-Up Fees.

Local SEO

SEO Services for Nashville, Belle Meade, Bellevue, and Brentwood Locations.

SEO WordPress Design

Technical and On-Page SEO automatically installed with reliable and secure WordPress websites.

Keyword Research

Providing meaningful and relevant searched Keywords to new and existing websites.

SEO Mobile Design

Designing websites to meet search engines requirements for mobile ready designs.

SEO Audits

Free SEO Audits to small local business websites. No SEO Contracts needed.

google ads certification

Paid Search with Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo & Yelp!

As we approach 2020, a fully optimized website (SEO) will be even more important as more and more businesses turn towards paid advertising. Maintaining a high Quality Score via SEO will be mandatory to keep advertising costs down.
A good Quality Score is a score assigned to your Google Ad group, based on a calculation of a keyword's relevance to its associated ad text, landing page and the user's search terms. A higher Google Quality Score leads to better ad placement at lower costs. Hiring an experienced freelancer will help keep your costs low, increase leads and sales, and help with your overall bottom line.

On-Page SEO Techniques You Need for Your Site

Keyword Research & Relevant Content
Schema Implementation
Meta Title & Meta Descriptions
Fresh Quality Content
Headings (H1 – H2) and Content Formatting
Image Optimizations
Page Loading Speed And Mobile Friendliness
URL Optimizations
Inbound Links (Internal Linking)
Outbound Links (External Linking)


The Purpose of Search Engines

The birth of the internet has allowed people to obtain, store, and post large amounts of information and data causing an immeasurable amount of valuable information. To organize the continual growth of information, Search engines have provided a way for people to locate valuable and needed information. With the help of search engines, people can obtain information in mere seconds that 20 years ago would have required a trip to the library and walking through the halls of books that would have consumed more than two hours of a person’s time.

How Search Engines Crawl your Site

The crawler, or web spider, is a vital software component of the search engine. It essentially sorts through the Internet to find website addresses and the contents of a website for storage in the search engine database. Crawling can scan brand new information on the Internet or it can locate older data. Crawlers have the ability to search a wide range of websites at the same time and collect large amounts of information simultaneously. This allows the search engine to find current content on an hourly basis. The web spider crawls until it cannot find any more new information within a site, such as further hyperlinks to internal or external pages.

Google's BERT

The biggest Google algorithm update in the past 5 years is called BERT, which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. BERT is a deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing and looks at “all the words” in a sentence to understand a search query, rather than looking at the words one-by-one in order. This will be useful for voice search, where more conversational search queries are used. The announcement of BERT is a big step forward for search.It allows Google to better understand the intent behind a search query so that they can deliver better search results.


Working directly with Kim to reimagine the West End Business Association website was a dream. She was able to craft a site that is both highly functional and user friendly with very little direct instruction. She quickly identified the functions and messaging we needed to convey after just a few minutes of conversation. I'd recommend Kim2Design to anyone looking to hit the first page of Google with a great looking, refined web presence.
Hayley Madden
Marketing Manager at Black Bird
Kim is always staying abreast of the latest SEO tactics and UX design trends. She works methodically to ensure every aspect of your strategy is done to a T. She is also very fun to work with!
Carly Farlow
Marketing Consultant
I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Kim for several years now! Without her, I’d be lost trying to figure out how to develop my own brand! She’s super cool, very down to earth, tremendously talented in the fields of design, marketing, SEO and UI/UX research! For those of you that’s looking for someone to take their business to the next level, Kim is person you need on your team, period!
Reggie graphic designer
Reggie Cunningham
Graphic Designer
Kim joined our new eComm team to kickstart our analytics, reporting, and SEO. Kim is an extensive and dedicated researcher, which was more than helpful to a company comprised of multiple business units with differing KPIs, reporting needs and SEO strategies. Aside from her contributing skill set, Kim has a wonderful character. She’s smiley, pleasant to be around, and genuinely cares about her performance and making sure she’s continuously learning in an ever-changing digital world.
Meredith McCaskill
VP of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Identity Group
Thank you, KIM2DESIGN, for your help in the design and layout of my business cards. I have received so many compliments on them and they definitely stand out from the typical card stock. Your insight into my company’s vision coupled with your creativity and ability to assist me in presenting that vision is exceptional!
Shannon Walker, Esq., CPA
Principal Attorney at Law Office of Shannon Walker, PLLC
Starting a Boy Scout troop is tough. However, when you have someone from the community who steps up to take on a leadership role as Kim did, my job as the founding Scoutmaster was made so much easier. Sometimes the toughest job you can have is the one that pays the least. Kim’s desire to help found the troop, and see that it had the framework in place to succeed shows the value that one volunteer can make. Kim realized the importance of a strong committee plays in helping form the personality of a troop. Her guidance and leadership from day 1 strongly influenced the success of the troop. I value her work effort, her leadership, and the friendship that came from all the hard work.
Jim Tarwater
VP, Technology Solutions at Premise Health
Kim is very creative and easy to work with. She was instrumental in the development of our website and we are currently working to increase our brand awareness. I highly recommend Kim for any project that presents your firm to the market. She is highly skilled in a number of areas and very conscientious about producing quality work on time. I sincerely appreciate all her hard work on our behalf.
William F. Zimmerman
CEO/Consultant at The RCCA Group, LLC
Kim is a very focused individual who strives for perfection with the work that she does. She goes above and beyond the project she is working on to make it the best it can be. I recommend Kim for graphic and web designer with the utmost confidence.
Janice Tant
Educational Specialist

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