Product Catalog

Catalog Design

My goal was to capture the products that were being offered by a patient id company. It was of value to prospects and the company sales reps. I worked with multiple departments to get the information on each product and price. I photographed all physical products and used photoshop to create multiple colors of the same product. I used Adobe Illustrator to diagram products that didn’t photograph well. I finally created the layout and design using Adobe Indesign. This was a product I’m very proud of being that I was the main driver and designer behind it so to help with sales.

Since Gutenberg’s 1436 invention of the printing press, print has provided people with connectivity, entertainment, education, and communication. Although, print used to be the only means of communicating, many businesses now believe the internet has taken over and is the only way to market a company.

A company catalog is a great way to put your company in front of prospective customers. They do not need to start up their computers or just happen across your webpage in order to see your products or services. Rather, they discover your product on their own in their daily lives while tending to their work. It’s still a great way to market your services.