Patient ID Website Management

About EasyID

EasyID was a brand developed by PHG Technologies. They started the company by selling patient wrist bands and labels and expanded their offerings into patient identification software. I was hired on to increase brand awareness and their visibility within search results. The company was later acquired by GBS and I remained on as their Senior Sales and Marketing Coordinator. The various Products and Designs I accomplished was:

  1. Web Design, including UX and SEO
  2. Established Lead Generation
  3. Product Photography
  4. Graphic Design

Web Design, including UX and SEO

~ I redesigned their website to offer more products, services, and visual and writen content to increase their visibility within the search engines and provide more research information for their prospects.

~ I completed keyword research, researched competitor websites, and implemented SEO practices and successfully ranked for patient wristbands and patient identification.

~ Installed google analytics to establish data and reports around users and search engines.

~ Installed google search console to maintain the health of the website.