Social Media Strategy for 2017

Increase website traffic with SEO

A quick Google search returns 140 million results for “social media marketing tips,” but no matter how many headlines promise it, there really is no one-size- ts-all social media strategy.

What businesses need is a process that leads to individual solutions. They must use funda- mental marketing concepts and modify them for this new two-way, consumer-empowered medium of social media. Here’s a framework for doing that:

Identify your business objectives and target market.

Consider the industry and how your competitors are doing on social.

 Know the current traditional marketing promotions.

Things to consider is a startup or new product will need to generate a lot of awareness, while an older product may need to create a new image.

Some social media channels are best for sharing short, current updates (Twitter), others are better for delivering video content (YouTube), some reach a younger audience with pictures (Instagram), and others have younger audiences with multimedia and high engagement rates (Snapchat).

Listen and watch your target audience. Brands cannot talk to everyone in every social channel, so narrow down to whom you want to listen to and communicate with. Remember to keep it simple.

Social media is all about producing fresh, relevant content, so create things that your audience will find valuable, whether it’s “how to” articles or entertaining images.

For long-term consumer monitoring, look into a social media monitoring service, such as Radian6 from, Hootsuite, or HubSpot.

To find the most influential people in your target audience, look to tools such as Klout, which measures an individual’s online impact.

And last but not least, link your marketing goals to social media KPIs. If you are driving sales online, measure digital KPIs with click-throughs from social plat- forms to the purchase. Google Analytics Social Reports are especially useful in breaking down social traffic and assigning a monetary value to website conversions such as sales or lead generation