Basic SEO Rules That Will Never Go Away

Forget Black Hat SEO Tactics 

Using Black Hat SEO tactics is a thing of the past because search engines have evolved. Black Hat tactics usually focus on the search engine’s algorithm and try to fool it.

Content is King

It’s not just people who are searching for good content, but even search engines. Don’t underestimate the power of good quality content. Write content that will connect with your audience. Come up with articles that will help your readers in their daily lives.


Keywords are the words which a user will type in the search engine. Focus on long tail keywords rather than single ones. Long tail keywords are able to capture the intent of the user. 

Using Keywords in Articles

If you want to reinforce the use of keywords, you can use them in the title and article body. Having a few keywords in the article will help a search engine select your website over others.

Avoid Too Many Keywords

It’s important that you avoid filling your web page with too many keywords. If there are too many, search engines will mark the page as spam. Learn to keep it to a minimum of five keywords in an article and not more than that.

Add External Links

Other than offering links within your site, also offer links to other websites which provide similar information. The more links you have, the more attention you’ll get from search engines. However, make sure none of these links are broken or spam.

Optimized Domain Name

Set yourself apart from the rest by providing a unique url .

Add Alt Tags and Text to Images and Videos

You may decide to add pictures and videos along with your content to help with the ease of reading. Search engines do not read pictures and videos but they can read alt tags. So make sure you add alt tags, and a caption or a line of description for pictures and videos.

Add Internal Links

On every page of your website, put up other sections and articles that your audience should check out on the website. Make sure these links are relevant to every web page on your site. 

Website Speed

The faster your website loads, the better. More and more users are accessing the internet and search engines through their phones and phones demand a light website.


SEO To Help Websites Index:

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  2. How do search engines work?
  3. How do I know if my content is being crawled by search engines?
  4. How do I measure my SEO?
  5. Integrating SEO
  6. Do I need Paid Search to rank?
  7. Do I need Back Links?
  8. What are Featured Snippets?
  9. What is the Future of SEO?
  10. How to keep up with change?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which means you’re optimizing for search engines. Search engines work by having a bot (a software program) that crawls the internet. It does this by following links. Links from your site to other pages on your site, and links from one site to another. The crawler arrives at a page, reads the code, and stores the information. That stored information is called the index. Your initial goal is to be indexed by Google, Bing or any other search engine. In other words, if you are indexed, you will rank and appear in the search results for a particular search query.

Ranking in the search results is determined by importance and relevance. A complex algorithm scans through hundreds of variables to decide where your page lands. Many of those variables are what you’re aiming to optimize. Those variables might include the topics you’re writing about, who is linking to your page, how your website is programmed, and even if you’re mobile-friendly. Search engines even evaluates the quality of the pages that are linking to you.

This is a very exciting time for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but very frustrating too. SEO is a way you can reach millions of people who are searching for you or your business to answer a problem they may have or to buy a product they may need. There’s no more powerful kind of marketing that you can find. Every business should be doing it. You’re missing opportunities if you don’t do it. 

SEO is a strategy that will help increase your odds that your website page will show up at the top of an online search result. Although SEO has really changed and has gone beyond just being showing up as number one in Google. Today, most people still think only of the search engines and the web page listings when they want to do well with SEO. It’s important to understand some of the basics of how the search engines work in order to succeed is online optimization. A search engine will go out and find pages from all across the web and stores all those pages in what we call an index, or you can think of as a big book of the web.

How do Search Engines Work?

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